Care and support for each other lies at the core of Allen Edwards ethos and values. We recognise the crucial role that individual wellbeing plays in allowing our children to thrive and succeed. 


Throughout their time at Allen Edwards children will have timetabled lessons specifically focussing on supporting, promoting and improving their wellbeing; we aspire for all our pupils to be mentally and physically healthy, have a sense of their spirituality, to have the necessary awareness to make healthy decisions, to engage positively with the community and be ready for the future.


We also understand the role sport and exercise has on a child’s mental and physical wellbeing. We hold weekly sessions that all children and parents are able to partake in together – Wednesday Park Run (Larkhall Park) and Friday Boot Camp (Key Stage 2 Hall). 

Extended Day

We understand that for many of our parents a longer school day is a necessity and therefore, at Allen Edwards, we offer a number of extra-curricular activities that help support your child's development from Nursery to Year 6. 


We believe our extra-curricular provision allows pupils to learn new skills and find activities/sports that bring them joy beyond the academic school day.


In order to book your place at Breakfast Club and Sunflower Club please speak to Mrs. Robertson (Headteacher).

Breakfast Club - 7:30am to 8:55am

As part of extended day, we offer parents the opportunity for their children to attend breakfast club. This club is run on-site by our teaching assistants. The breakfast menu consists of a range of cereals, toast, juice, pancakes and waffles. A selection of hot drinks is also on offer. The children have the option to take part in different activities throughout their time in the club.


The cost of Breakfast Club is £2 per day.  

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Sunflower Club - 3:30pm to 5:45pm

As with Breakfast Club, our Sunflower Club (After-School Club) is run by teaching assistants from Allen Edwards. At the end of each school day, children are picked up from their classes and taken to the Key Stage 1 Hall for registration. Upon registration the children take part in a range of activities including: art, drawing, sports, ICT and much more. Each child also receives a light meal/snack and drink.


The cost of Sunflower Club is £7 per day.

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Sports Clubs and Extra-curriciular Activities

At Allen Edwards we see the value of extra-curricular activities that help develop the all aspects of the child. Our range of activities offers at least one club for every child from Reception to Year 6. This year we have tried to ensure that we continue to increase the variety of sports and activities that are available to the children.


For all clubs (Breakfast, Sunflower and Sports) payment needs to be made via the SIMS Agora website. Please speak to the office to ensure you have your code.

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The School Games aims to provide every child with a positive experience in an environment where the young person’s motivation, competence and confidence are at the centre of the competition.

At Allen Edwards, we see the importance of healthy competition and through intra- and inter-school competition, we aim to provide children with the experience of competing. There are key values that competition brings and all children learn these values.

Through some specialist After-School Clubs and intervention classes in the school day, children are given the opportunity to practise skills and develop teamwork in order to successfully compete at different competitions.

This term we will be providing the following clubs to harness their skills:

Monday - Quick Sticks Hockey

Tuesday - Girls Football

Friday - Netball & Tag Rugby

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