Meet our Team

At Allen Edwards Primary School we all take responsibility for the learning and development of each and every child. Together we ensure all the children progress and achieve. Meet the Allen Edwards team below:

Leadership Team

Louise Robertson


Jo Evans

Deputy Headteacher

Philip Slatter

Assistant Headteacher

Natasha Lloyd

Assistant Headteacher (Curriculum)

Nicola Harris

Assistant Headteacher
(Inclusion / SENCo)

Sadjida Bocus

Business Manager

Teaching Staff

Early Years Foundation Stage | Nursery - Stradling Am / Stradling PM / Stradling NFT

Clara Cases Tarres

Nursery Nurse

Jennifer Gutierrez Sandoval

Teaching Assistant

Hayley Stradling

Nursery Teacher

Jamila Kara

EYFS & Year 1 Lead

Early Years Foundation Stage | Reception - Carrington / Gomes

Lauren Carrington

Reception Teacher

Shirley Pinnock

Nursery Nurse

Sherine Campbell 

Nursery Nurse

Monica Gomes

Reception Teacher

Michelle Stewart-Worrell

Nursery Nurse

Autism Base

Phillippa Sayers

Autism Base Teacher

Polly Sands

Teaching Assistant

Edward Philips

Teaching Assistant

Visare Kika

Teaching Assistant

Key Stage 1 | Year 1 - Harvey / Green

Claire Harvey

Year 1 Teacher /

Holly Green

Year 1 Teacher

Claudia De Oliveira

Teaching Assistant

Rio Colman

Teaching Assistant

Sue Issoms

Teaching Assistant

Key Stage 1 | Year 2 - Moniz

Cristina Coelho Moniz

Year 2 Teacher

Theresa Owusu-Poku

Teaching Assistant

Lower Key Stage 2 | Year 3 - Falconer / Tran

Georgina Falconer

Year 3 Teacher

Christine Tran

Year 3 Teacher

Maria McBean

Teaching Assistant

Juliet Gittens

Teaching Assistant

Lower Key Stage 2 | Year 4 - George / Henderson

Matthew George

Year 4 Teacher

Nancy Ayivor

Teaching Assistant

Claire Henderson

Year 4 Teacher

Charlene Williams

Teaching Assistant

Barbara David

Teaching Assistant

Upper Key Stage 2 | Year 5 - Morpurgo / Rowling

Madhavi Naibagkar

Year 5 Teacher / English lead

Natalie Morris

Year 5 Teacher

Joanne Smtih

Teaching Assistant

Leanne Cunningham

Teaching Assistant

Sandrine Mouziyane

Teaching Assistant

Upper Key Stage 2 | Year 6 - Eastman / Sowney

Georgie Eastman

Year 6 Teacher

Solomon Pinnock

Teaching Assistant

Clare Sowney

Year 6 Teacher / Maths lead

Specialist Staff | Physical Education

Mark Kelly

PE Coach

Solomon Pinnock

PE Coach

Support Staff

Loretta Johnson

Office Manager

Christine Christie

Office Administrator

Gerodine Wisdom

Office Administrator

John Elston

Premises Manager


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Allen Edwards Primary School, Studley Road, Stockwell, London, SW4 6RP. United Kingdom

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