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Our school lunches are prepared daily on site in our school kitchen by a team of caterers. The company that looks after our lunches is called Caterlink and they specialise in catering for schools, colleges and universities.


They are passionate about fresh, healthy food that tastes great. The right nutrients can affect everyone’s mood, behaviour, health, growth and even their ability to concentrate. Therefore, they encourage a well-balanced diet to establish healthy eating now and for the future.


School Packed Lunch


As a school we have made the decision to allow packed lunches as part of our school policy as we want to give parents that freedom of choice. However, we also have to ensure that they follow the same guidelines that apply to school lunches. We have tried to ensure that the packed lunch policy is flexible and allow children one treat for example, a packet of crisps or a biscuit although we strongly recommend that fruit is used instead of these treats. Children should not have chocolate bars due to peanut allergies of other children.


Unfortunately we have noticed that some packed lunches contain mostly sugary foods or items such as burgers and chips. We will have to contact you if the packed lunch does not contain the recommended balance of food and we will need to confiscate items if they are against the school's policy. Children are only allowed water to drink which is the same as children who have a school lunch. 

I fully appreciate how difficult it can be to encourage children to enjoy healthy food but this is not something we can allow as we have our own guidelines that we have to follow. 

If you would like to speak about any of the above please feel free to make an appointment. 



Changing Meal Options


Changing meal options.... We have noticed that children are still switching between school dinners and packed lunch during the week, we have previously sent out letters asking parents not to do this as it negatively impacts on the kitchens numbers.


If for any circumstances you need to change your child from their current meal option there is a form in the school office to be filled in. The change will take affect two weeks after the notice has been given.


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