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Medicines for children

The school has many first aiders who are trained and equip to administer medicine to children; however we do ask where possible that parents give medicine to their children at home.

We have a form that would need to be filled in and signed before the school can administer prescription medicine to any pupil.

Please read the details below. You can either down load a form of collect one from the school office.

Control of Medicines: Administration request
Request for school to administer medication – Please read carefully:

  • This form is to be used by those who wish the school to administer or supervise the administration of prescribed medicine to their child or the child for whom they have parental responsibility.
  • In order for any medicine to be administered at any time, the school requires that the medicine are provided ONLY in their original packaging and clearly labelled in PRINTED form with the name of the child to whom it is to be administered and the dosage required.
  • Unless it has been fully completed and signed the request to administer the medication will not be administered by the school.
  • In certain circumstances the school reserves the right to turn down a request to administer medicine and/or to withdraw administration of any medication altogether. In such cases, the signatory on this form will be notified, together with the reason why such a decision has been taken.