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Maths at Allen Edwards

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As a school we have devised a scheme of work for mathematics following the National Curriculum Objectives for each year group. At Allen Edwards Maths is a high status subject as we recognise the importance of maths in the modern world and our aim is for all of our pupils to develop procedural fluency in maths. All pupils take part in an engaging and daily maths session. This begins with a warm up session which is usually number based. In KS2 classes this will normally involve a game or activity devised around practising the times tables or associated division facts. Our aim is for all pupils to know their times tables up to 12 x 12 and the associated division facts by the end of Year 4. There is a real emphasis on mathematical language and pupils are expected to use appropriate mathematical vocabulary. We also provide opportunities for the application of mathematical skills. Mental and written methods are an integral part of our teaching of mathematics and there is a clear progression of written methods which children learn and practise as they go up through the school.


As well as a daily maths lesson, children have additional sessions on mental arithmetic and times table practice. Pupils are encouraged to learn number bond facts in KS1 and times table facts in KS2 through the school award system of Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards which are celebrated in weekly achievement assemblies.


Teaching and Learning of Maths is also supported by practical resource and ICT software. We also subscribe to mathletics and children know their individual login and are encouraged to login at home.