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English at Allen Edwards

At Allen Edwards we believe in a creative and inspiring approach to English. We are passionate about creating a rich literature diet which will create aspirations and engagement for all our pupils.

We achieve this through:

  • Quality first teaching and well matched interventions to support all learners.
  • A comprehensive curriculum map that ensures high quality, engaging texts are used throughout the school.
  • Regular drama and storytelling workshops across the school. This is to create an active and creative literacy diet for our children.
  • Visits and real life experiences for the children to create a stimulus for our children’s writing.
  • Termly author focus for each class to ensure children have access to a wide range of literature.
  • Regular visits to the local library.
  • Positive reading experiences in school with dedicated time within the timetable for reading for pleasure.
  • Click here to see the core texts that are used for each year group which provide engagement in reading and stimulus for writing.

Key Stage 1

Our children are taught phonics through the Letters and sounds guidelines. In year 1 all children complete a phonic screening test. We offer parents phonic workshops during the year  to support the teaching of phonics at home. We adopt a creative and kinaesthetic approach to the teaching of phonics. All our lessons follow the following structure:

Revise previous learning of the letter/s-sound correspondences from previous or current phase.

Introduce new learning of ‘next’ letter/s-sound correspondence/tricky words in current phase.

Practise the three skills of blending, segmenting and letter formation at word level.

Extend to sentence level and text level

Spelling, punctuation, handwriting and grammar are important parts of the new national curriculum and are tested at the end of year 6.



We use an interactive, visual and exciting scheme called Penpals. Improving handwriting skills is a focus in our school as it impacts on pleasure, presentation and speed.

Speaking and Listening at Allen Edwards


These skills are developed in a variety of settings and throughout all curriculum areas to encourage communication in purposeful, clear and orderly dialogue, that is appropriate for a range of occasions and purposes, and which invites careful, sympathetic and responsive listening. Communication is one of our whole school drivers and this is an area that we ensure remains a priority throughout the curriculum.


Reading at Allen Edwards
Picture 1

As children learn to talk by talking, so they learn to read by reading.  We aim to give children the opportunity to view reading as an intensely enjoyable and exciting experience. We do this by:

  • Making sure that each child has easy access to high quality books that make sense at the appropriate level
  • Building confidence and self-esteem
  • Encouraging children to talk about their books and share them with others
  • Having dedicated sessions for reading for pleasure on the weekly timetable
  • Reading stories aloud and encouraging discussion about them
  • Using a variety of teaching strategies and approaches to reading
  • Encouraging parents to support the development of reading skills at home
  • Using the local  library as a valuable resource for our teaching and reading.
  • All classes have a variety of books appropriate to their level, and these class libraries are updated as much as possible to allow for a variety of reading materials.
  • All children are equipped with home school reading books and are encouraged to take books home.

Writing at Allen Edwards


We aim to provide children with the understanding and skills they require to become independent writers. We teach children to write in a variety of genre and contexts.

We aim to develop children’s creativity, imagination, vocabulary, spelling and handwriting through the teaching of writing. We do this by:

  • Modeling good practice and using good text examples
  • Setting writing targets to aid self improvement
  • Encouraging emergent writing in the Early Years and then the confidence to ‘have a go’
  • Giving opportunities to discuss and assess own writing and the work of others
  • Providing opportunities to review and redraft work
  • Teaching phonics, work patterns, punctuation and grammar

All classes are equipped with materials appropriate to the children’s age and interests. The materials available are chosen to motivate and stimulate children.