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Attendance and Punctuality

Punctuality Procedures
There has been a great improvement in punctuality this year.
Thank you to parents and carers who have been ensuring that their children have arrived in the line by 5 to 9. This means that they are not missing out on a moment of learning.
We aim to ensure that when your children are in school that we are using all time effectively. This is why we ask that your children are in the line by 5 to 9.
Gates open at 8.50. Children will go to their lines and be met by their class teacher. Their line will go inside at 8.55. Lessons begin promptly at 9am.
This year one of our priorities has been to improve punctuality across school in the mornings therefore all children that are in the line by 5 to 9  have been awarded 5 - 9 Dojos. The Dojos go towards their house points each week. 
The gates close at 9am, children are then required to be brought to the office. Late arrivals are then logged and monitored by the attendance team. If your child is late more than 3 times across a two week period, you will then be informed of further actions.
We will also be looking closely at after school late pick ups. School finishes at 3.30pm. Children should be picked up from their classes at this time. Children will be taken to late class at 3.40pm and this will be logged. We will be monitoring those children who are not collected on time. Please ensure that you call the office before 3pm if you are going to be late collecting your children so we can inform the class teacher.
Attendance Procedures
  1. No holidays should be taken during term time. Please check school term dates when making travel arrangements.
  2. Requests for special leave of absence in term time must be made in writing as soon as possible. Only if agreed by Head teacher or Assistant head teacher for Inclusion will it be authorised.
  3. Any day time absence should be notified to the office on the morning of absence and every day thereafter. Evidence of appointments or medical treatment should be produced when necessary.