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Admissions Arrangements

Reception and Main School

The Governing Body and Local Authority have agreed an admission limit of 30 children per class. We are a two form entry school, meaning we have two classes per year group.

Admittance to our Reception Class is carried out once a year. Children are admitted in September (autumn term) if their 5th birthday falls between September and the following August.

Parents/carers will need to apply for a place in our Reception class by completing the online application form through the Pan-London online school admissions portal.  The deadline for admissions for Reception is normally during the middle of January.  If you require any further assistance please contact the Lambeth Schools Admissions Team on 020 7926 9503.

Allen Edwards regularly hold open days/evenings for parents to view the school.  If these times are not convenient you can also make an appointment to view the school. If you would like to do so please contact the school office and book a visit through our school Administration Officer.


In-Year Admissions

We understand that sometimes children will move schools during the academic year.  For such instances you will need to complete the Lambeth primary in-year Common Application Form ( which will need to be submitted to the Lambeth Schools Admissions Team:


Lambeth School Admissions 

Civic Centre

6 Brixton Hill




If you have any further questions pleasr contact the school directly or the Lambeth Schools Admissions Team. 

Selection criteria for Reception Class and Main School Admissions

Our selection criteria is the same as all other Lambeth Community Schools and places are offered to children entering the school in the following order:

  1. Looked after children (see note 1)
  2. Siblings of children already attending Allen Edwards at the time of admission (see note 2)
  3. Children with an exceptional and professionally supported medical or social need for a place at Allen Edwards (see note 3)
  4. Children living closest to the school (see note 4)

Admissions Arrangements for Foundation (Nursery) Places

Allen Edwards is over-subscribed in the nursery, so we advise parents/carers to apply for a place soon after their child’s second birthday. Children are admitted in to the nursery after their 3rd birthday.


We offer both part-time and full-time nursery places. The part-time places allow parents to access 15 hours of free early learning entitlement for their 3 and 4 year old's. Parents that would like more than 15 hours of early learning can receive this if they are eligible for a funded full-time place under the New 2017 Government wide criteria or they can pay the "Top-Up" fee of £10 per child per hour.

We offer up to 23 fully funded full-time nursery places. The session runs at the same time as the main school.


We also offer up to 34 morning and afternoon part time places. Morning sessions run 9am-12pm and afternoons are 12.30-3.30pm.

Application forms are available from the school office during normal opening hours, or can be downloaded at the bottom of this page. The same selection for reception and the main school applies to the nursery, except in the case of fully-funded places;


  • Both parents (Whether two-parent family or lone parent) are working and earning the equivalent of 16 hours a week at the national minimum or living wage (includes income received from Tax Credits or Universal Credits.
  • Neither parents income exceeds £100,000.00 per year and / or:
  • One / both parents are employed but temporarily away from the workplace on parental, maternity or paternity leave, adoption leave or receiving statutory sick pay.

In addition, one parent is employed and one parent:-

  • Has substantial caring responsibilities, based on specific benefits.
  • One parent is employed and the other parent has a disability or in incapacitated based on specific benefits.
  • Parents on zero –hour contracts will be eligible, as are those who are registered as self -employed


NB: It is important to stress that parents have no right to a full-time place and the school will determine which children are eligible, based on the information gathered from parents. Parents have no grounds to appeal if they are not allocated a full-time nursery place by the school.

Tie Breaker

In the event that two or more applicants have equal right to a place under any of the above criteria and there are insufficient places, the Governing Body will use distance, in the first instance to decide between applicants; if applicants live equidistant from the school the Governing Body will draw lots to decide between applicants.



1) Looked after children are those that are in the care of the local authority as characterised by section 20 of the Children Act 1989. Children who are under an agreed series of short-term placements (such as respite) are excluded. All applications under this criterion must be supported by a letter from the relevant Local Authority to show that a child is in public care and will remain so at the time of admission to the school.

2) A sibling is deemed as a full/half/step brother or sister (who are living at the same address in all instances) or a child who is living as part of the family by reason of a court order, or a child who has been placed with foster carers at that address as a result of being looked after by the Local Authority. Children with a brother or sister who already attends the school, and who will not have left the school at the time of admission. As a result siblings in the nursery or year 6 will not be regarded as a sibling under this criterion.

3) Medical or social need: Children with a professionally supported medical or social need, whose application identifies a particular school that is especially able to meet that need. The decision to prioritise children on these grounds will be determined via Lambeth CYPS’ MEDSOC Panel, which is comprised of CYPS senior management as well as senior school staff. Documents from an appropriate professional (not including general information from a website, etc) must support these applications. However, any supporting evidence does not automatically mean that applicants will gain priority as the decision to prioritise under this criterion will solely rest with the MEDSOC Panel.

4) Proximity to the school is measured by the shortest safe walking distance for the home address to the school entrance. The child’s home address will be the child’s permanent place of residency and must not be a business address, or the address of a relative or carer, unless they have legal custody of the child. Applications must only be made from a single address. Applications or offers under this criteria will only be valid once proof of address has been given and confirmed.

5) Parent/Carer is a person(s) who has legal parental responsibility for the child.

6) Parent/Carers proof of address and the child’s birth certificate/passport or identity card will be required for all applications.

Over-subscribed Criteria

If there are no vacancies in a year/class, parents/carers will be asked whether they would like to be placed on the waiting list. The waiting list is governed in accordance to the admissions policy, and places are allocated strictly in accordance to the admissions criteria. Time on the waiting list is irrelevant.

Additional Information

Parents/Carers who are not offered a place for their child have the right to appeal against the decision. Completed forms should be sent to Clerk to the Appeals panel.

The school is part of the locally agreed co-ordination scheme and the time scales for applications to be received and processed are those agreed with the Local Authority.

Nursery Application Form