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School Lunches



Our school lunches are prepared daily on site in our school kitchen by a team of caterers. The company that looks after our lunches is called Caterlink and they specialise in catering for schools, colleges and universities. 


They are  passionate about fresh, healthy food that tastes great. The right nutrients can affect everyone’s mood, behaviour, health, growth and even their ability to concentrate. Therefore, they encourage a well-balanced diet to establish healthy eating now and for the future.

Changing Meal Options 


Changing meal options.... We have noticed that children are still switching between school dinners and packed lunch during the week, we have previously sent out letters asking parents not to do this as it negatively impacts on the kitchens numbers.


If for any circumstances you need to change your child from their current meal option there is a form in the school office to be filled in. The change will take affect two weeks after the notice has been given.