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PE and Sports Funding


PE and Sports Grant Expenditure 2016-2017


Plans for spending in current academic school year 2016-2017


Identified Need

Action Taken

Intended Impact

Develop and improve the physical education of children and provide clear progression steps in learning.

Specialist coaches deliver PE provision enabling greater attainment and progression of the learners.  The coaches up skill teachers, through resources and planning, enabling them to provide better PE provision across the school.


Improve knowledge and understanding of physical development for all children enabling children to be physically active when they leave school.

Provide further opportunities for least active children to partake in specific Healthy living courses including Change4Life.

Extra-curricular activities including Change4Life, Healthy living groups each week.

Enable less active members of the school to become more active and see the benefit of exercise and healthy eating on individuals’ lifestyles.

Provide opportunities for more able learners in Physical Education.

Weekly groups given opportunities to develop and improve skills in small specialist groups.

To continue to develop the more able learners to ensure that they see the need to continue and develop their skills.

To ensure all children from years 3 to 6 have opportunities to compete against other children at both intra-school and interschool competitions.

Compete in Lambeth School Games competitions for Years 3 to 6.  Lunch time activities/competitions provide further opportunities to compete against one another.  Introduction of Kings Squares games providing opportunities to win and lose respectfully in the playground.

Competing in a respectful and safe manner, links very closely with the values of the social, moral, spiritual and cultural that is so important. If children enjoy competing they will continue partaking in sport as they age and leave school. 


PE and Sports Grant Expenditure 2015-2016


Number of pupils and Sports Grant received 2015-2016

Total number of pupils on roll at October 2015


Total number of pupils eligible for PE and Sports Grant


PE and Sport Premium Grant



Objectives for 2015 – 2016 PE and Sport Premium Grant

  • In ensuring that from Nursery to Year 6, children will have access to high quality PE lessons through the on-going employment of specialist coaches alongside teachers and teaching assistants.
  • Increased attendance at inter-school competitions enabling our children to learn how to compete fairly and win and lose respectfully.
  • Provide After-School clubs to increase ability and love of different sports every evening of the week
  • Use Change4Life to provide more children with opportunities to become more active during the day and be lifelong athletes.
  • Provide lunchtime activities to enable children to compete with other children from different classes and/or years.


Outcomes to date

  • Regular assessments show children are making good progress in PE and are developing and improving the social, moral, spiritual and cultural contexts of PE.
  • Children’s skills in competitions and games enable all children to successfully participate and be successful in their PE lessons.
  • ‘The school makes good use of the government additional funding for sport’ Ofsted 2014


Record of PE and Sport Premium Grant by identified need:

Identified Need



Employ a full-time coach and a part-time coach

Provision of high quality physical education provision, including structured play times (including competitions) and better attended after-school clubs

Improve the ability of all our pupils from Nursery to Year 6.  Regular assessments ensure impact of coaching staff on children’s progress and development.

Intra-School and Interschool Competitions

To provide opportunities for children to compete against other children within school and against other schools.

Improvement in the ability of children to compete in a fair and competitive way improving the social and moral context of playing sport.

Increase attendance of school clubs

Equip children with the enjoyment of playing sports (outside of school hours) and instil a love and commitment to playing sport.

Greater amount of children taking opportunities to partake in sporting opportunities.

Change4Life/Healthy Lifestyles

Provide opportunities for the least active children to learn the benefit of a healthy lifestyle and instil a love of exercise and fitness.

Extra lessons to specific groups to offer focused activities and learning to maintain a healthier lifestyle and an enjoyment for exercise.

Provide opportunities for more able learners

To provide extra PE lessons for the more able learners, in which they will compete against each other and challenge themselves. 

They will be able to show their intelligence, independence and commitment in a more competitive and challenging environment.




Total PE and Sport Premium Grant


Total PE expenditure