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Curriculum Update


The new National Curriculum has now been in place since September 2014. 


At Allen Edwards we ensure that we follow the expectations set out in the National Curriculum whilst making it exciting and purposeful for our children. 


We divide our yearly curriculum into 6 themes and where possible link all areas of study to the theme. This supports pupils in their understanding and engagement in the theme. 




Our Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum follows the Statutory Framework for Early Years Foundation Stage. Please see link below:


Allen Edwards also follow the non-statutory guidance ‘Development Matters’ .

“Development Matters demonstrates how the four themes of the EYFS Framework and the principles that inform them work together to support the development of babies, toddlers and young children within the context of the EYFS framework.  The document also illustrates how the ‘Characteristics of Effective Learning’ may be supported and extended by adults as well as how they underpin the ‘Prime’ and ‘Specific’ areas of learning and development.


All those working to support the early learning of young children can use Development Matters as part of daily observation, assessment and planning. It can also be used at points during the EYFS as a guide to making best-fit summative judgements, with parents and colleagues across agencies, in relation to whether a child is showing typical development, may be at risk of delay or is ahead for their age.” Briitish Association for Early Childhood Education.


A copy can be downloaded following the link below:

National Curriculum 2014

Built around these core skills, is the wider curriculum; stimulating, varied, challenging, localised, environmentally aware and most of all exciting for our children.


Music: our Aim

Our aim is to empower children to understand the principles of music. We have highly specialist music professionals at Allen Edwards who offer children a range of provision to support their music development both within and outside of the school day. These principles are found in five main categories:


Listening - With understanding to a variety of music, identifying and discriminating within musical elements.

Singing - Pupils develop correlation between musical thought and organic sound. Pupils also learn the use of body percussion.

Composing - Compose in a number of musical styles. Pupils will be able to recognise musical signs, symbols and instructions. Use a variety of instruments and musical resources i.e. Music ICT, group electronics and percussive instruments.

Performing - As soloists/take part in ensembles.

Appraising - Show an understanding of musical works. Appraise performances whether recorded or live. Relate music to its social, historical and cultural context.


How We Teach: Music Awareness Program (MAP)

This program comprises of topics tailored to introduce students to time and pitch. The MAP course is tailored to challenge students’ musical awareness from composition to performance. MAP empowers creative thinking in listening, basic to advanced composition arrangement, vocal techniques and group performance. Differentiation by outcome enables a wide spectrum of contrasting abilities to steadily progress in their musical learning; dynamic music workshop course tailored for whole class tuition. Within the MAP course, we have created a unique set of teaching techniques to deliver such a broad and specialist subject such as music.


Supporting children with special educational needs (SEND)

At Allen Edwards Primary School we believe that all children are entitled to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum.  All children are encouraged to achieve their full potential and to be included in the social and academic life of the school.  We aim to provide educational experiences that take into account the individual needs of all children, appropriate to their level of ability.


Our SEND policy and Local SEND offer is available under the policies section of the website.


Provision for children with additional needs

At Allen Edwards Primary school support for children with additional / special needs is implemented through a wide range of interventions, supporting specific pupils.

Teaching Assistants, supporting those with additional / special needs, are deployed throughout the school as well as provisions such as: SALT, EP Service and Kids Company.