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Attendance and Punctuality

Attendance Procedures


1. No holidays should be taken during term time.

2. Any request for special leave must be made in writing as soon as possible and can only be

authorised by the Headteacher/Assistant Headteacher for Inclusion.

3. All absences for whatever reason - a letter should be sent to the office with reason for absence

along with a telephone call to the office.



  1. No holidays should be taken during term time. Please check school term dates when making travel arrangements.
  2. Requests for special leave of absence in term time must be made in writing as soon as possible. Only if agreed by Head teacher or Assistant head teacher for Inclusion will it be authorised.
  3. Any day time absence should be notified to the office . Evidence of appointments or medical treatment should be produced when necessary.


Attendance target    96%

Autumn Term 2017 Attendance   96.5%




  1. Late arrival. After 9.30 am will now be treated as unauthorised absence. Please ensure that your child / children are in school by 9am and ready to go into class. If they come by themselves please ensure that they leave with sufficient time to arrive on foot or to allow for journey times on public transport/known traffic delays.
  2. Late collection. Children should be collected promptly. If children are still uncollected from late class by 4pm then the child will automatically be placed in the After school club. The casual admission daily fee of £10.00 will be charged to the parent/carer in this situation.