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How we assess at Allen Edwards


At Allen Edwards Assessment is an integral part of teaching and learning. Throughout daily lessons, children are regularly assessed during the lessons so that the teacher knows what the children are able to do and what they need to do. Children’s work is marked according to our school marking policy. The marking is intended to praise the child for what they have achieved as well as tell them their next step of learning. The teacher may give a challenge to see if the child can apply their knowledge in a different context or ask the child to correct or edit their work. This they do often in green and are called the children’s ‘green pen responses’.


From marking teachers have secure knowledge of what each individual child can do and they use this knowledge to give a Teacher Assessment Judgement at the end of each term. To back up the Teacher Assessment Judgement, throughout the term children also sit mini tests in Reading, Writing, Spelling and Grammar and Maths. This not only supports the teacher’s judgement but gets the children prepared for when they need to sit exams at the end of each Key Stage.


Every term children are given an overall judgement based on the teacher’s assessment of strands of the National Curriculum. When you receive your child’s report or have a parents evening, the teacher will tell you if your child is working at the expected level for their age and for that particular point of the year.


Formal Tests


Formal tests that we have to participate in according to the Department for Education, is as follows:


Year 1 Phonics Screening Check. This test checks to see if children are able to use their knowledge of letters and sounds to read individual words. Children in Reception and Year 1 do daily phonics so the check is familiar to them and something they usually enjoy doing.


Year 2 and 6 complete tests in Reading, Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation and Mathematics and their independent writing is assessed by the teacher and a grade is given.